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I'm Jen. I do a bit of everything, traditional and digital. I like British things, Doctor Who, punk rock, hyenas, and fantasy.
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Hey people, I know, I'm a bad person. It's been 2 months since Wembley, and I STILL haven't told you about it, not that most people really care. But, since I saw Green Day in Dallas last night, I figured what the hell, I'll kill 2 birds with one

So first off, Wembley. It was both amazing and a disaster. My friend and I met up with people from the Green Day Community during the Friday before, in Camden a few of them came up to me, because they recognized my rather distinct hair style (it's how most people seem to know me anymore). We hung out and had dinner, and around 11:30 headed to the stadium to camp out. It was fucking freezing, and we all huddled around and talked, sang, played Apples to Apples (a silly card game), drank horrible orange juice/vodka, ate candy, and what-have-you. No one really slept though, and as morning came we were all so cold we started walking to McDonalds down the way to get coffee and breakfast, just to warm up. The day progressed pretty normally, and eventually the box office opened. Enter disaster part 1. My tickets ended up being for entrance M/N, but I'd been hanging out at H/J all night, and was the #30 person in line (or somewhere around there). My friend and I managed to swap out our tickets for H/J ones, luckily, and life was good. Our group sat around more, talking, making weird skits with balloons, and reading bedtime stories (based on the GD Tour Program, where Billie is dragged to the pits of hell by fangirls and Mike and Tre save him). Then, about an hour before doors, we go to the rest room. We left our bag with the group, and gates opened early, while we were still in the restroom (you should have seen that line, it was 45 min long). Our friends gave the bag with our tickets and stuff to a security guy, who thought it was lost and found, and so on. You can imagine how horrible this was, being halfway across the world and faced with NOT getting into the concert. I had a panic attack and almost passed out, and nobody even tried to help. In fact, I was told that if I didn't calm down I'd be escorted off the premises. Not fun. We manged to get our tickets, but by this point had lost any hope of barrier (where we would have been). Luckily, the guy who helped us made sure we got Golden Circle bands, so we got into that, which was awesome. I managed to make it to about the 3rd row, end of the stage on Mike's side by the time they came on. I won't go into many details of the show, because it was simply amazing. End of story. The size of it, and the set list were awesome. Mike even saw me and recognized me at one point, since I'd met him only a day before while walking around the West End (he was on a date with his wife and almost ran into me, then we talked about Billy Talent for a bit because of my shirt and I told him I came from Dallas and whatnot). He bowed and pointed to me and smiled, winked, then walked off. It made my night. Other awesome stuff was Waiting, Nice Guys Finish Last, Mike singing/dancing Shout, Dominated Love Slave, When It's Time, and Give Me Novocaine. All in all, it was a great show. My friend Tasha ended up with Mike's cat-ears/devil horns (we call them both) and let me wear them all night, and through the next morning. I gave a guy in the elevator a surprise when I walked in with my pajamas and cat ears on, lol.

And now for the show in Dallas (yeah, long post). I got to the Center around 10 am, and met my friend Kristen. We hung out with a bunch of people in line, doing usual GD concert line-stuff like singing and talking about how awesome GD is, and it was hot as hell. Like, Houston last year was fucking hot, but this seemed worse somehow. The show itself was awesome, though security sucked(seems to be a pattern). I don't really have much else to say, except it was the best setlist I've seen (and I've seen some damn good setlists). I was 2nd row, right in front of Mike (who FINALLY saw me at the end of the show and gave me a pick again :D). Billie ran our way a lot too, which was cool. We got Mike AND Jason Freeze to sing shout, though I think Mike did it better in London. Jason however, just...OMG. He was dressed as fat Elvis and sang in that style, it was hilarious. The songs that made my night were Viva la Gloria and Letterbomb, and Who Wrote Holden Caufield, none of which I never thought I'd hear live. Other awesome moments were F.O.D. which is WAY better live (I'm not too fond of the album version to be honest), Paper Lanterns, 2000 Lightyears Away, and part of Words I Might Have Ate with Davey Havok joining Billie, and Whatsername acoustic.

I can't help but think I've been incredibly lucky to see such great shows. Now if only I can hear Homecoming or American Eulogy live I'll be able to die happy (though I could right now anyway)

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